Fony DemoDisk 1

Fony DemoDisk 1

Fony DemoDisk 1

Our Fony DemoDisk #1 (or FDD #1), released in 1991 at the Tilburg MSX Fair. The music used in this demo was made in SCC-Musixx by Tyfoon Soft. This demo also features realtime calculated 3D objects (the routine was inspired by an Amiga demo), digitized images and a "fony" BASIC-Interpreter.
Run this disk with Christmas to get a hidden Christmas demo!

Fony Demodisk 1

System Requirements:
* MSX 2 with 128Kbyte of RAM
* SCC Cartridge
* Or an emulator of course :)

FDD #1 Review in MCCM 47, see page 58.

Watch the Fony DemoDisk #1

For the lazy people: You can watch the demo here online as well :) Click the Full Screen logo to relive your past to the fullest!