Fony DemoDisk 2

Fony DemoDisk 2

Fony DemoDisk 2

Our 2 disk Mega Demo, released at the Tilburg fair in 1992. Make sure to have both MSX-Audio & MSX-Music installed, because this demo features greart music made in Pro Tracker by Tyfoon Soft, but also samples which will be played back on MSX-Audio (if you have sample RAM installed) during the loading of the demos. The demo features an Amiga emulator, a slideslow with fantasy-themed drawings, a lot of humor (or at least, we think it does) and some nice graphic effects.

Fony DemoDisk 2

Download Fony DemoDisk #2:

DSK (Disk Images)
MP4 (Video File)

System Requirements:
* MSX 2 with 128Kbyte of RAM
* MSX Music AND/OR MSX Audio
* A good MSX emulator. Most emulators don't run this demo! Take a look at OpenMSX.

FDD #2 Review in MCCM 54, see page 25.

Watch the Fony DemoDisk #2

For the lazy people: You can watch the demo here online as well :) Click the Full Screen logo to relive your past to the fullest!

R.I.P. Michel Berger / Frenzy

Frenzy R.I.P.