MSX USB Stick Sold Out MSX USB Stick Sold Out!

Currently, the MSX USB Stick is sold out.

The last remaining units were sold at MSX GOTO 40 - Amsterdam.
Maybe in the future I will produce a new batch, but for now I'm afraid there are no units left.

If you are still interested, please feel free to send me an e-mail at and I will put you on the waiting list. If & When there will be a new batch, I will contact you. MSX USB Stick MSX USB Stick

It's what you've always wanted. It's what was missing in your life, even if you didn't know you were missing it. The USB stick with the complete archive of
Some of the specs:

⭐ USB 3.0 / ~128Gbyte.
⭐ Cool laser engraved MSX Logo.
⭐ The full archive.
⭐ Over 100Gbyte of MSX related data.
⭐ Price: 10 Euro + Postage & Packaging & Paypal fee.

OK, what can I expect and how to order?

Please keep in mind that this USB stick contains the archive. This includes MSX .DSK images, .ROM images, Magazines, Books, Music, Manuals, Maps, Operating Systems, etc...
It is NOT a ready-to-use stick for your MSX. It's a direct copy of so you will need to extract the software and transfer it to your MSX to use it on real hardware. Of course you can also use the files with your favourite MSX emulator.
To order the USB stick, please send an e-mail to with the following information:

⭐ Your name.
⭐ Quantity of USB sticks you are interested in.
⭐ The address & country you want it shipped to.

I will contact you by e-mail with the total costs / payment info / shipping / etc.
⭐ How much does this USB-Stick cost?
→ The USB stick costs 10 Euros without postage & packaging.

⭐ How much is 10 Euros in USD/JPY/GBP or whatever currency?
→ You can check that here:

⭐ How much is shipping to location X?
→ Please send an e-mail to and I will check the total costs for you.
→ Indication: NL -> 2,50 Euro, EU -> 7 Euro, Europe -> 9 Euro, Rest of world: 13 Euro.

⭐ Can I order more than one stick?
→ Sure... you can order as many as you wish.

⭐ I don't want to pay for shipping!
→ Check if there are any MSX fairs where I have a booth. But please send me an e-mail to reserve one!
→ ⭐ MSX GOTO 40 - Amsterdam

⭐ What are the specs of the USB stick>
→ It is ~128Gbyte and USB3.0. Read: ~60MByte/s, Write: ~30MByte/s. It's not a super high-end stick. It's a fun-thing. Please consider it as such.

⭐ Can I use the content with my MSX?
→ It is NOT a ready-to-use stick for your MSX. It's a direct copy of so you will need to extract it's contents on a PC/Mac and transfer to a PC.

⭐ Say what? 100+GByte of MSX Software?
→ It's not only MSX software/games. But also MSX Magazines, Books, Game Maps, Music, Pictures, etc...

⭐ Does this USB stick contain ALL MSX software
→ I have tried to make a very complete collection, but not all software is preserverd and there is probably also quite some software just missing in the collection. Also software that is still commercially available is NOT included!

⭐ I only want the USB stick with the MSX logo, I don't need a copy of
→ No problem. Just mention it in your e-mail. You'll get an empty stick :)

⭐ Aaarrgghh.. You're making money on other peoples work!
→ No I am not. You are buying the USB stick, you can get the contents as a free service offering. You can also just order the empty USB stick: Pricing will still be same. Asking money for the contents would be plain wrong. And there is no use for it either: You can download it for free at anyway.

⭐ How soon will you answer my e-mail?
→ Usually in a couply of working days. But please keep in mind this is a hobby, not a business.

⭐ How soon will ship my USB-stick?
→ If there is stock, within a few working days. If there is no stock, I will let you know what the expected lead time is by mail.

⭐ How do you ship?
→ I will use the normal postal services with Track & Trace.

⭐ What if the package gets lost?
→ As I am not making any money on this operation, I can't take any responsibility for packages getting lost in the mail. Don't want to take any risk? Please visit our booth at MSX GOTO 40 - Amsterdam and pick one up in person!

⭐ Why are you doing this?
→ For the same reason as my website: For fun! It's a hobby. I'm not making any money on it, but I enjoy the fact so many people are enjoying what I do here.

⭐ My anti-virus tells me there is a virus/trojan on the USB Stick!
→ Modern anti-virus programs don't understand Z80 code, and they sometimes don't like that. These are false positives, but if you'll sleep better with removing those files, please go ahead :).

⭐ I have another question, not listed here?
→ Please send me an e-mail at